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What do you love about UCS?

God comes FIRST! Our young children are at a very impressionable age and we know that at UCS they will learn about God's love for them first and foremost.
Why did you choose UCS for your child/children?

We wanted our children to have a strong foundation in Christianity outside of our church and a well-rounded education full of diversity.

What would you tell another parent who was considering sending their child/children to UCS? 

That this was the best decision we made as a family. Our children are among other kids whose families have the same values as Christians and receive a wonderfully diverse education.

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What do you love about UCS?

There are many things to love about Unity Christian School but the one that touches my heart the most is family. There are no UCS buses picking up children. Almost every parent or family member must drop off their own children at school. One of my jobs at Unity is greeting the children each morning at the front door. Watching the parents taking the hands of their children, hugging them, kissing them, lifting them up in the air, holding them, whispering words of love and encouragement to their children just blows my heart away. I know God's design for the family is being lived out here in glory to God and I love it!
Why did you choose UCS for your child/children?

I had been working at SIH for over 32 years when Covid hit. The stress of having two 9 year boys not doing "in school" learning was way too stressful for me. Not only was remote learning too much but it was too much for me to ask of someone else. Depending on other people for child care and learning was troubling to my soul. My husband and I agreed that I would retire a little early in order to keep our priorities straight. We both agreed on Unity Christian School as our choice but soon found out space may be a problem. We waited to see if we could get in. Soon, God opened the door and we went through. We are grateful for all those who serve in this school and grateful that the word of God is not silenced here!.

What would you tell another parent who was considering sending their child/children to UCS? 

This is a great place to educate your children. The teachers are here because they want to teach! God is not left out of the learning process. We've been 'in school" all year without much adieu. The classroom sizes are small and the students get the help they need. Bulletin boards are filled with truths from God's word. Teachers educate, counsel, and discipline with God's love. Praise and worship fill the halls during the morning chapel. I see teachers, employees, and volunteers all serving above and beyond what is required. Each month birthdays are posted on the bulletin board as each child and staff member are celebrated. Parents are always bringing gifts and snacks to let the staff know how much they are appreciated! This is a great place to educate your children! Thank you Unity!

We would love to hear about your UCS experience.

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